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to be sputtering? arizona governor fires back over immigration. a tribute to the longest serving senator in u.s. history raises eyebrows. from the studio in washington, this is "special report." i'm bret baier. we begin on the fox news job hunt with the june unemployment numbers. national jobless rate declined from 9.7% to 9.5%. president obama declared the economy headed in the right direction but as correspondent james rosen reports other numbers offer evidence of a darker view. >> the economy created 600,000 private sector job this year. start turn around from last year when we lost 3.7 million jobs in height of the recession. >> reporter: that was one way of reading a labor department june employment data. here is another. private sector added 83,000 jobs last month. on the plus side of the ledger to be sure, but 25% short of what the analysts predicted. the three-month average for job growth in the private sector, which reached 154,000 from february to april now stands at 119,000. unmistakable sign the recovery is losing steam. >> i think what you are seeing is what a fact of life about re
is your "situation room." >>> happy birthday, rick. happening now, the u.s. economy loses jobs for the first time this year. the president insists that the recovery is moving forward but americans who are desperate for a paycheck may not be buying that. and two more alleged russian spies reveal their true identities. we'll look at the perils of being a secret agent with kids. and we'll hear from the grown son of one of the suspects. >>> and a leading conservative is calling on the republican party chairman to do his patriotic duty this july 4th by resigning. how long can michael steele hang on to his job? wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." >>> well job gains in america hit a wall now adding to fears that the nation may be socked with a second recession. there are new figures that show that the economy lost 125,000 jobs in june. now you can see there had been job growth every month in 2010 until the june slide. the loss is mostly due to the fact that the census is over and those jobs related to the census went away. the overall un
senator in u.s. history died at the age of 29. tomorrow his body will be flown to charleston for a memorial service. the president and vice president are expected to attend. >> quick look at news from across the nation. a u.s. airways flight bound for charlotte returning to atlanta because there were maggots coming out of an overhead bin and falling on to passengers. u.s. air says a passenger brought spoiled meat on to the plane. the airline made sure no other bags were infested. the passenger with the bad meat had the meat taken away and was put on another plane. >> we didn't have -- >>> we didn't do anything wrong. people think i was giving away a baby. >> that bomb says she was the victim of a horrible bank saying someone posted the 10- month-old baby on craigslist for free. her name and number were pictured. authorities worry that the baby could be in danger. >>> this truck was able to make it through the 14-foot span, but it was the sprayer that took everything down. the historic bridge was part of a 23-mile walking trail. no one was hurt. >>> okay, it's the video that w
identities and hidden cash. >> in the dirt. tonight, a shootout close to u.s. soil leaves more than 20 people dead. but the major arrest in the murder of two americans. and trouble at the space station. as a cargo ship headed in for docking spins out of control. >> new evidence tonight of the violent length to which gangs may go in the growing drug war on the mexican border. i'm jon scott in for shep. an accused mexican gangland enforcer reportedly now admits ordering an attack that killed a pregnant u.s. consulate worker and he's explaining why. mexican federal police today announced they have arrested the suspected enforcer, jesus castillo, a.k.a. the camel. investigators say the camel leads a band of hitmen with ties to the juarez drug cartel and they say he claims he ordered the afact on the consulate worker because she helped get rivals visas to the u.s. a u.s. government source tells the associated press an investigation found no evidence of that visa claim. you'll remember gunmen opened fire on the worker's car as she drove within view of the texas border in march. leslie enriq
to rendezvous. >> only two more u.s. shuttles remaining. >> i think this is another indication what a great mistake it is to close the shuttle program down right now. >> homer hickum, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >>> now to day 74 of the disaster in the gulf. bp is ahead of scheduling drilling the relief well on the sea noor. that relief well seen as the most promising way to get the crisis under control. a live look at the spill cam. toxic crude is gushing out. bp captured or burned 25,000-gallons yesterday, about half the total leaking every day. we cannot confirm any numbers. fortunately engineers are closing in on the broken well thousands of feet below the sea bed. according to the national incident commander, retired admiral thad allen, that means the operation could be finished faster. the white house is working on a revised moratorium on deep sea oil drilling in federal court. the previous ban was struck down and the proposed rules are more flexible. but as the oil continues to wash ashore, the toll on birds is about to get dramatically worst. the gulf coast economy is bracing
evening, everyone. the u.s. economy lost jobs in june, the first time that's happened this year. tom, today's employment report didn't give americans much to cheer about as they head off for the holiday weekend. >> tom: susie, 125,000 jobs were lost, mostly because thousands of temporary census bureau workers left their jobs the unemployment rate fell unexpectedly to 9.5%, down from 9.7%. but that's only because many people stopped looking for work. >> susie: today's report reinforced worries that the economic recovery could be getting off track and the economy will slow over the next six months. scott gurvey has explains. >> reporter: if you were expecting today's report on employment in june to provide a clear picture of the outlook for the rest of the year you were disappointed. and if policymakers at the fed and in congress were looking to the report for guidance in the debate between additional stimulus and a new austerity they too were disappointed. the private sector did add jobs and more jobs than it added in may. and yes, the unemployment rate fell. but that was a result of
before. >> reporter: economists say the recent skittishness in global markets is also making many u.s. firms cautious about their hiring and capital spending. and it's not just fortune 500 companies that are reluctant to commit to new workers. manager min tu of this new york city subway shop says he doesn't need any more help. >> now, we are not hiring. now, we have enough people for this business. last year is okay, but before we had four to five people. now is slower; four is okay. >> reporter: that trend is bad news for the u.s. economy, because small businesses typically are major job producers. economist thomas berner says small firms are not very optimistic about the prospects for future sales in the current economic environment. >> they're worried about where the cycle is going, like everybody, and that adds to their uncertainty on top of not being able to borrow money as easily or at the same rate as, for example, larger companies. >> reporter: hiring momentum may be slowing in the u.s., but most experts do believe companies will continue to add jobs to their payrolls this yea
in repose in the u.s. senate, robert byrd's body is in the -- >>> and why your office wasn't the only one with world cup fever. >>> chuck, what's ahead in weather? >> you better enjoy the cool weather because it is not going to last. a complete check of the weather coming up. >>> tiger woods not dialed in at the at&t nationals. serena williams plays for her fourth wimbledon championship. >>> plus, home swe one word turns innovative design into revolutionary performance. one word makes the difference between defining the mission and accomplishing the mission. one word makes the difference in defending our nation and the cause of freedom. how... is the word that makes all the difference. >>> 13 people were taken to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak. high levels were at the apartment complex. the entire building was evacuated. >>> fire investigators say that it was a faulty refrigerator that led to a massive fire in frederick, maryland, last night. the flames broke out after 7:00 near an industrial building near all saints streets. nobody was inside at the time of the fire. damage is
of a u.s. consulate workers. the suspect admitted organizing the killing, saying the american was targeted because she issued visas to a rival gang. there is a concern that american interest may become a target in the mexican drug war. a priest who helped orchestrate the 1994 ugandan genocide has been arrested by police. jean-bosco uwinkindi has been arrested. police are on high alert across pakistan. there was a deadly suicide attack on a sufi shrine in the city of lahore. protestors have been demonstrating their anger at what they say is lax security. there is now a chinese official version of the events in xinjiang. china blamed the violence on the ethnic uighur population. amnesty international says chinese security forces used unnecessary levels of force. suicide attackers have stormed the compound of american aid organization in afghanistan. at least four people were killed, including three foreign workers. gunmen attacked security forces for six hours, until all the attackers were killed. that was just hours before general david petraeus allowed in afghanistan to take c
comes amid the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> compared to last year the gas prices here are 12 cents higher, that's consistent with the national average. >> the good news is that the prices are not near the mark like they were back in 2008. and in our state 658,000 people are expected to travel. 92% will be driving. law enforcement officials are out in force. and they will ride the routes and state police droppers are targeting reckless and impaired drivers. >> it will affect driver's judgment, their reaction time, motor skills and memory. it is a national issue. >> reporter: the policy director joined maryland law enforcement launching a new campaign raising awareness of drugged driving. >> we're focusing making hundreds of arrests for this violation pgh . >> reporter: for those avoiding the roads, air travel will bounce back with a 9% increase. regardless of how you get to your destination... >> be focused. avoid distractions. >> if you are in baltimore city 50 tax service is available for those in bars and restaurants. it does not include private parties. write the number
. >> they have more skimmers in place now. they are using the assets available to the u.s. government as well as those offered by the foreign governments. i asked are we doing anything to open our arms to invitations made from the other countries? >> i was unimpressed with the answer. >> right now they don't have enough skimmers on board. there is no urgency. >> darrell issa accused obama administration publicizing facts and figures at odds with the reality on the ground and blurring the spill severity, asset in play and when they were deployed. >> he purports to address that somehow it took the command 70 days to accept international help. that is a myth that's been debunked hundreds of times. i stood up here and talked to you frankly and given you the numbers we have. > >> they acknowledge the own figures of government assistance are at odds with each other. >> the numbers i have that admiral allen deployed are looking for divergence. we'll provide the explanation. >> reporter: on youtube, they said the company is going above and beyond to meet the obligation. >> i know it doesn't feel that
laying in repose, the u.s. senator byrd's casket was moved to west virginia's capitol in charleston for the service. public viewing ends at 9:00 this morning and the memorial is at 11:30. byrd served longer and cast more votes than any other senator in u.s. history. those are your headlines. >> all right. let's talk about the big story this weekend which is, of course, the immigration situation and the president's speech on thursday. it was a big speech. all eyes on the president. a lot of rhetoric. it was almost poetic but we also sit here this morning and we ask what did we accomplish? why did he give this speech at this time, guys? still no policy. a lot of politics involved but still no policy, still no bill floated from the president. there's nothing going through the house or the senate. yet, he's pointing the finger at the republicans. >> governor jan brewer was on greta last night and she said she wanted specifics and wanted to see some sort of legislation. take a listen. >> let's be practical. if your house is burning down, you put out the fire and call the architect to se
that looked just like that five years ago in virginia. >>> u.s. prosecutors warn evidence unveiled in the alleged russian spy ring case is just, quote, the tip of the iceberg. nine of ten suspects faced bail hearings yesterday. the judge denied bail for the suburban new jersey couple who went by the names richard and cynthia murphy. but the manhattan court approved bail for vickie palez who works for a newspaper. and we're getting new images of anna chapman, she's the young woman who grabbed all the headlines since this story broke this weekend. the mi-5 is investigating any contact she might have had with their agents. bob winter joins us with the latest. so what is this connection with the british? did she have a british passport. >> she had a british pass port, but there's also some indication we were hearing earlier this week that the actual initialive on this ring came from a defector to somebody in the uk, i have heard both through british intelligence and also through the u.s. embassy. so there is some sort of british connection, we're not concern what it is, but there's cer
a bill slapping the toughest u.s. sanctions ever on iran. it targets the revolutionary guard and their oil-to-sector -- oil and gas sector. >>> tiger woods and his wife have reportedly agreed on a divorce settlement. she is expected to receive $750 million under the agreement. he would have to keep single women away from his children. his wife would have to stay silent about their split. >>> 5:15 on this friday. a virginia students found dead. months later, there is a clue linking morgan harrington's murder to another disturbing crime. the man looks like this sexually assaulting a fairfax county woman. he may be the cornerstone of finding morgan harrington's killer. >> in 2005 the 26 year-old victim of a sexual assault in a town house community of jermantown road work with an artist to create a sketch of her attacker. five years later virginia state police say that they have matched a forensic evidence from that crime with another outside charlottesville virginia in a field where morgan harrington's remains were found. she was the virginia tech student who disappeared in octo
in washington for us. thanks, john. >>> the u.s. has slapped iran with a new set of unilateral sanctions. obama signed them lat night at the wall street. and for banks that provide services to iran's government. like the recent u.n. sanctions, these are meant to force iran into giving up its nuclear program. >>> general david petraeus takes up his command in afghanistan today. on the way to kabul, he stopped at nato headquarters in brussels. petraeus assured america's partners that the war strategy has not changed, despite the change in leadership. he arrives in afghanistan, during the season of heaviest fighting. june was the deadliest month for american troops in the nine-year war. >>> two deadly blasts at a muslim site in pakistan. security cameras caught the home when the bombs exploded last night in lahore. close to 40 people were killed in the blast. some blame a group connected to the taliban to be responsible. >>> closer to home, more extreme border violence. just miles from a busy border crossing in arizona, 21 people were killed last night in a gun battle between drug traffickers. mex
. a u.s. aid organization comes under attack in northern afghanistan. at least four people are reported to have been killed. a storyline worthy of james bond. new revelations about one of the women accused by u.s. authorities of spying for russia. and the world cup in south africa, it's the first day of quarter finals. can ghana really be the black stars of all africa? >> hello and welcome to g.m.t. the suicide bombers who killed more than 40 in the pakistani city of lahore planned their attack with murderous precision. the target was a popular sufi religious shrine packed with thousands of worshipers. the two blasts were timed to cause maximum casualties. pakistani officials condemned the blast, but it's not yet clear who carried out the attack. ali maqbool reports from islamabad. >> the security cameras failed to save lives, but they did catch the last chilling moments of the bombers. first seen running through the shrine, ahead of a large explosion. police say the second bomber made it inside the building itself before blowing himself up. they say the aftermath was all the more horri
and colleagues all gathering in senator byrd's home state of west virginia. the longest sitting u.s. senator in history. ahead. breaking news is coming in from across the country and around the world for you. >> make no mistake we are headed in the right direction, but as i was reminded on a trip to rac cine wisconsin -- racine wisconsin earlier this week we are not headed there faster,. jon: president obama speaking on new unemployment numbers out. the unemployment rate dropped from 955% from 9.7%. 15 million americans were looking for jobs last month. a whole lot more behind the numbers. jenna lee at the business assignment desk gathering information on what it really means for our job market. >> reporter: let me show you how we got the numbers for the month of june. we lost 125,000 jobs in total. the way that we got to this from the government is overall we lost more than 200,000 government jobs. added jobs in the private sector. if you take the difference you're still down 125,000 jobs. and there is a point to why we actually saw the unemployment rate drop. at first thought you say hey t
he was released on bail. and these court documents, u.s. prosecutors say that michael zatoli admits his real name is mikhail kutzex and she's really natali a -- >> among the evidence taken from the couple's arlington apartment, a new laptop computer they got from russia to him them communicate. an intercepted message from the successor to russia's kgb spells out the mission. the only goal and task of our service and awful us is security of our country. only for reaching this goal and you were dispatched to u.s., settled down there, gained legal status and suspected of striking up youthful acquaintances, broadening the circle of your well-placed connections and gaping information and recruiting sources. and they ended their years log investigation because suspected spy ana chapman, nicknamed the red-headed femme fatale was about to leave the u.s. saying that natalia is asking that her two children, now staying with a friend, be sent to russia to live with family. the virginia three were ordered back to court next wednesday for a preliminary hearing. in court this afternoon, a federal
night from the u.s. senate. many of byrd's colleagues, as well as president obama and vice president biden attended this service. the 92-year-old democrat died on monday morning. he was the longest serving senator in history. the funeral service will be held on tuesday in arlington before his burial at arlington national cemetery. >>> we now have the latest information on the disaster in the gulf. we're now taking a live look at the b.p. underwater spill camera. it is now estimated that this is the largest oil spill in history. with over 140 million-gallons of crude oil spilling in to the gulf. it has been spewing since april 20th when an explosion killed 11 workers. the oil is hurting an algae and it feeds the atlantic blue fin tuna. it is one of the most popular kinds of sushi. >> when the sargasum goes that habitat will disappear and it that will not survive. >> reporter: atlantic blue fin can grow up to 1,000-pounds. not cheap. one sold at an auction recently for $100,000. and the price of -- the prices could go higher because of the spill. >>> another round of recalls, one of th
. >> executive director of the u.s. energy association. welcome to the broadcast, barry. how are you? >> i'm very well. >> the u.s. energy association is just that. all kinds of electricity, cole, etc., uranium. and it's part of a larger organization. >> that's right. absolutely. >> that is having a big meeting many montreal? in montreal in september. >> from montreal to september it will be outstanding. >> what does it mean to order people? >> it means that you bring global leaders to the energy business that affects every single person in the world. certainly the united states to bring global energy leaders together. for them to talk to the issues of the moment, share ideas, force creative solutions to the challenges. >> how come? we are told these days the world is steeling a march on the u.s. that the nuclear vendors, with the exception of general electric in this country are earned by the japanese. that we don't have the engineering that we're behind this and that and other things. is that true? >> well, it's partly true. >> we have in the united states, only one of the top five solar manufa
to cut down. thank you. >>> for a third time this year a u.s. marine has been killed in baltimore. 26-year-old man from new orleans was celebrating his deployment to afghanistan in an after hours club downtown. a fight broke out in the area known as the block and the marine was shot to death on the dance floor. police say they have not recovered a murder weapon and they do not yet have a suspect. >>> an update on the 19-year- old college student from falls church. they visited a business in the fairfax plaza shopping center last sunday around 3:00 p.m. and detectives say she did not appear to be in any stress at the time. but less than an hour later she was found stabbed to death in her car on a one-way service road. fairfax police want anyone with information on the case to give them a call. >>> police in the district are also asking for your help. they want you to take a look at this surveillance video. do you recognize the man on the right? police believe he robbed three shops and this is one of them. armed robbery at an ice cream parlor on florida avenue. contact dc police if you
. ú%e difference between the 50 immigratton poliiies across thh u.s. >>> good morninn. welcome to fox 45 aaly editioo. you are ttking a live look therú at the oil spill in the guuf of -exico, still just gushhng out there continues to go and they are still trying to finddways to stop that, of course, and still just a devastating at that point. >>> welcome to fox 45 early edition. i'm megan gilliland. patrice harris has the morning off, it's friday, july second and because it's friday, it's %-face book page about anything3 you want to talk this morning. let us know what s your response, and your response to be aired on the face bookú segment. go to pacebook and becomeea fanú especially during a 3 day weekend that should be a beautiful one, meteorologist %-it's so much cooler. ú% i don't hink anyyody can complain about the weather on facebook. p> no, we want to hear ggod, good stuff. >>> we are going to have a ood dayy and the hot spannled banner. if you don't like the hht spot, it's going to return, not today. enjoy, enjoy, 56 degrees at bwi. look at thh dew points, and remember
to spy cells ii the u.s. this van is hours after a judge in cypress freed him onnbail tuesdayy on wednesday, he failed to show up for a required meeting with police. his attorney claims he has not heard from him. >> after the court (inaudible). >> this office wasssupposed to have a meeting with him yesterday afternoon. he did not show up. so we don't have any connact with him. >> cops are now checking surveillance from crossingú points. the break away north of the island. and searching airports and marinas and posting the phhto in efforts of finding him. >> actually, we don't haveeaa indication that he abandoned the island. ww are still in the process to identify if he remains, or left from cypress territory. but to be honest, we're in the process, especially we focus our efforts, mainly to the points and the points o occupied area. >> investigators in the u.s. are making headway in theecase. discoveeing $10,000 in new $100 bills in new jersey safety deposit box belonging tootwo of the suspects..3 russian authorities claim they have no details on tte case, but saa the gooer
commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan arrived in kabul to take on his new role today. general david petraeus is trying to reassure allies that the war against the taliban is on track. a formal change of command ceremony will be held in the next few days. petraeus' arrive comes on the same day six suicide bombers struck an aid compound in northern afghanistan. at least four people died in that attack. >>> months after the murder of a virginia college student, police are making a killer connection. details on this big break in the case coming up in just a moment. >>> then, the strictest handgun law in the u.s. has just been approved. we'll tell you where. >>> plus, how some divorce lawyers are hitting the jackpot thanks to facebook. but first, a look at some of america's bravest men and women as we celebrate our freedom and independence on this july fourth american. ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ gangs were prevalent. violence was all over. families were falling apart. you can't raise children in a c
. some of the best ideas so far are pete moss, polymers and cotton finders. >>> the late u.s. senator robert byrd is being remembered today in his home state of west virginia. thousands are attaining a memorial service. president obama, vice-president biden and other leaders are also on hand. byrd passed away on monday at the age of 92. he will be layed to rest in a suburb of washington, d.c., on tuesday. he was the longest serving senator in u.s. history. >>> coming up next, cruising il- - cruisin' illinois. this week we will go on a tour of havana. havana, illinois. >> not cuba. and then later in lunch break the chef from morton steak house will show us the perfect way to prepare a steak on the grill. (announcer) are you living with crohn's disease? never know when i'll have a flare. the pain is bad. going out means planning every detail. missed my best friend's wedding. so many pills. (announcer) if you're on medication and still having flares, your crohn's disease may not be under control. go to livingwithcrohn' and take the crohn's control quiz. talk to your gastroent
the constitution well. >> byrd was the longest serving lawmaker in the history of the u.s. congress. it's now 11:11. there is more news ahead on "news 4 midday." overnight, our virginia family got a rude awakening after this fast-moving fire. we will show you where. crews get back to work after hurricane alex moved through the gulf. we will show you how the strong winds and heavy waves made the oil disaster worse. >>> could the giant pandas at the national zoo be moving? we find out >>> new today, a family was able to escape a huge house fire overnight. you can see the flames shoot out of the home along the 5200 block of elicott court in centerville. they say the fire started on the front porch sparked by used fireworks not properly disposed of. everyone was able to get out of the house safely. it took firefighters about half an hour to put out the flames. damage to the home is extensive. >>> this is day 73 of the gulf oil disaster. the coast was spared the brunt of hurricane alex. the strong winds and waves pushed oil closer to the marsh lands and beaches. local leaders and bp officials are ram
downtown. festivities begin sunday at 10:00 a.m. u.s. capitol grounds open at 3:00 p.m. the smithsonian metro station will be closed all day, but it will open from 10:00 p.m. until midnight. for a list of what you can and cannot bring to the national mall, visit our web site >> the new figures show that the job market is having trouble gaining traction. employment fell for the first time this year. president barack obama still says we are on the right track. >> the highways may be much more crowded as for the dalai weekend. aaa expects holiday traffic -- crowded for the holiday weekend. aaa expects holiday traffic to be up for the first time in years. but a new jobs report may rain on the parade. the latest shows an end to five straight months of gains. the dow jones industrials were down for a seventh straight day. census jobs have ended. obama is proposing a new recovery act project that would provide better broadband access across the country. >> it would create thousands of jobs. >> analysts say those jobs won't make much of a dent. they say it is up to the private sector
to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: the u.s. economy lost jobs overall last month, even as the jobless rate was declining. the numbers were the latest sign that the recovery may be losing momentum. private employers managed to add 83,000 jobs in june, but it wasn't enough-- the economy still recorded a net loss of 125,000 jobs, as the census bureau laid off more of the temporary workers it hired last spring. labor commissioner keith hall offered this perspective at a congressional hearing this morning. >> although the... the private- sector job growth was not strong, it was job growth, and it has been growing now for six straight... six straight months. so i think, in context, that's a positive sign. and in temporary help work continues to add jobs, and it's added quite a few jobs. and that continues to be a... a good sign for generally future growth, i think, in employment. >> brown: indeed, the unemployment rate actually fell last month to 9.5%, the lowest in nearly a year. but that was because 652,000 people gave up looking for work, so they were no longer
divide numerous homes in the u.s. and sweden. >> i know i have bitterly disappointed all of you. >> he has admitted to a string of infidelities. she has never spoken publicly. she could file divorce papers in a florida court in the coming days. joel brown, cbs news. >>> in the following weeks more than a dozen women came forward claiming woods had cheated on his wife with them. >> still to come on eyewitness news at noon, faulty iphones, what apple is saying. >> a moose on the loose. a new moose has come to town. >> gorgeous day out there. tim williams will be back with your first morning forecast. are you making it easier for bacteria to grow on your dentures? you are if you use toothpaste instead of soaking them in polident toothpaste is abrasive on dentures look, scratches where bacteria can collect and grow and bacteria can cause bad breath that's why i recommend replacing toothpaste with polident only polident is proven to clean without scratching and kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria don't scratch your dentures clean a maryland woman loses her eye during a protest, now police
. >> 63 degrees on tv hill. the u.s. house approves a funding bill for the war in afghanistan but cracked the family of the girl held captive for 18 years has reached a settlement with the state. the accus >> good morning. you see some clouds from baltimore southward. the help he at 68. from baltimore northport, we have clear skies. look at the doppler radar. -- from baltimore northward, we have clear skies. it is nice out there and the trend will continue. the rain has been pushed down to the south. all that rain in texas is coming out from what was hurricane alex. it is moving the moisture into the central u.s. now. the high at the airport was 81. we'll talk more about the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. the state of california has been ordered to hand over $20 million to the family of jaycee dugard. she is now 30 years old. she was held captive for 18 years by paroled sex offender. they filed claims back in february saying officials failed to do their jobs. they fail to discover the girl in the backyard. >> this is part of a wide- ranging $93 billion federal spe
into the central part of the u.s. a piece of the great lakes with those warm temperatures to the south and a burst of warm air moving into the central part of the nation. our temperatures, 83 today. sunny and pleasant with low humidity. st winds.rthwe sun is already up this morning. saturday, sunday, even into monday. this friday, as it moves further ease, the wind will become more self easily. by monday, we start getting more humidity into the period. there is a storm lining out to the west and we may have to deal with that by the end of the week. 81 today. 86 tomorrow. it does start to warm up on the weekend. the humidity is still reasonable. by monday, the humidity jumps up. a real muggy day. 97 behind. 97 on tuesday. by thursday, a slight rain chance. >> thank you. joran van der sloot gets slapped with another charge, a federal indictment. a grand jury has indicted the murder suspect on a wire fraud and extortion suspect. he promised beth holloway he would give the details of his daughters death. he curly faces murder charges in peru. >> now to the allegations of those russian spies living in
happened on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. it was about 12 miles south of the u.s.-mexican border. and the reason this piece of stretch is so important is because it goes through nogales mexico and into nogales, arizona. it's a pathway of gold for the cartels, once you get to the other side that's where all the money is made. the reason the cartels are fighting more with the human traffickers is because the cartels are using illegal immigrants to traffic i can the drugs, it's win, win, they can make money on the drugs as well as the illegal immigrants. and the mexican border that stretch is considered among the most deadly places on the planet. we talked about 21 killed yesterday. in the last week alone there have been 540 people killed just this year. the numbers are nearing 5,400 and the concern of course is that all that violence will spill over onto this side of the border, because more mexican cartels are now working more closely with u.s. gangs. we had some breaking news today. remember this, the u.s. consulate worker who was gunned down in march along with her husband in ju
for a decade. but whatever was learned about russian methods is now a secret the u.s. government is not about to share. bob orr, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: chicago responded today to this week's supreme court ruling affirming americans' right to own guns. the ruling is certain to bring down that city's ban on handguns, so today the city council adopted a new law. guns are allowed in homes but owners can't step outside with them-- not even on their porches. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," the war up close. coalition troops under taliban fire. . only one a day women's 50+ advantage has gingko for memory and concentration plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. are the things we make. this has always been a nation of builders, craftsmen. men and women for whom straight stitches and clean welds were matters of personal pride. they made the skyscrapers and the cotton gins. colt revolvers, jeep 4 x 4's. these things make us who we are. as a people, we do well when we make good things and not so well when we don
immigrants in to the u.s. it happened in a sparsely populated area where rival gangs often battle for control of trafficking routes. >>> president obama again called for immigration reform in a speech to latino groups on thursday and republicans again responded by saying the first step must be to secure america's borders. the president also took another shot at arizona's new immigration law scheduled to take effect this month. karen brown reports. >> reporter: this video will help train police in arizona to enforce the state's controversial new immigration law. >> racial profiling was illegal before this law. nothing will have changed. absolutely nothing. >> reporter: the law requires officers to question people they've stopped if they suspect that person is in the country illegally. there are nearly half a million illegal immigrants in arizona. >> states like arizona have decided to take matters into their own hands. >> reporter: the national outcry over the law in april compelled the president to deliver his first speech on immigration. he's pushing for a pathway to citizenship for the 11 m
ceremony, he said the sanctions are the toughest ever passed by congress against iran. mr. obama said the u.s. is determined to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. >>> an attack on a shrine in pakistan has left 37 people dead and 180 wounded. authorities say two suicide bombers targeted a popular shrine where a famous saint is buried. this is after pakistan went the entire month of june without a terror attack. >>> a gun battle just suite of the u.s. border has left 21 people dead and at least six others wounded. thursday's shootout was between warring drug and human trafficking gangs. the carnage happened in a remote area 12-miles from the border. >>> lawmakers break for the 4th without taking major action. >>> and the government prepares to release the latest numbers on unemployed americans. it is 4:38. 65 degrees. you are watching 9 news now. >>> it's time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. good morning. >> good morning. wall street will focus on the employment picture today. the official jobs report for june, it comes ou
had two pursuits a day by people intruding on the united states. not u.s. citizens. >> >> laura: however, who can forget that when the president sided with mexico against arizona, when mexican president felipe calderon came to our country and ripped arizona's new enforcement law. the president today said that a majority of americans want comprehensive immigration reform. oh really? do the 10% of unemployed americans really demand amnesty? are gulf coast residents really demanding amnesty against the worst environmental disaster our country has probably ever seen? this is classic obama. diddivert the public's attention from his abysmal record and create a new news cycle from the democratic wish list and then try to ram it through before the republicans take back control of congress. now, that's leadership. and that's the memo. and now on to the top story tonight. reaction. joining us now from beautiful austin, texas is karl rove, a fox news contributor and, of course, the author of the fabulous book courage and consequence. karl, you can take a swat at what i said. if i am being
people are dead in a fierce gun battle miles away from the u.s. border down of nogales, arizona. at least six people were wounded. this area is a prime corridor for i wil illegals and drug sprg link. the victims were members of gangs and believed to be smuggling people across the border. this is just hours after the president's speech on immigration. we will have much more on the story as we get new details. bill: a federal judge allowing a foreign country to have a voice in a lawsuit challenging arizona's immigration law. granting the request by mechanics owe to file a legal brief. mechanics doe says it wants to defend the rights of its citizens. they say it will lead to ration profiling and effect tourism here in the u.s. it will take effect july 29th unless it's blocked by a court. martha: where would you expect to find the largest coil-skimming vessel in the world. word today it has just now pulled into the gulf area we're told it's more than three football fields long, ten stories high expected to take in 21 million gallons of oil per day. bobby jindal says the government is falling
prosecutors accused 11 people of nuclear weapons, u.s. policies towards iran, politics and other topics. the case is a reminder while they may be friendly country there are no friendly intelligence agencies. the suspected agent operating under deep cover some of them appeared in new york, boston and virginia. they include four couples, among them is a real estate agent, business cuttant, planner and reporter. the 11 suspect disappeared in the island of sk cyprus where he was arrested and released. the arrests came just days after russian president medvedev met with president obama on an ongoing effort to reset russia-u.s. relations. the russian foreign ministry has set the effect will not negatively effect bilateral relations. president obama sought to lay down the impact of the case. joining me from washington, scott shane from "the new york times." he's been reporting on the story. charles cup chance on the council of foreign relations at georgetown university and peter earnest a former c.i.a. officer director of the international spy museum in washington. i am pleased to have all of
. he's the longest serving senator in u.s. history. we'll bring you the president's remarks live when he makes them. >>> developing now right here on msnbc, 21 people are dead as two rival drug gangs got into a gunfight in mexico. prosecutors captured nine people after the shoot-out, it happened just 12 miles from the arizona border and we can show you on this map, you can see how close it is. unclear what that fight was over, but once again, 21 people dead there. >>> republicans are demanding the president visit the u.s.-mexico border as he pushes immigration reform. the gop fears real threats of violence there. the president called out republicans for standing in the way of reform. >>> now to the travel, a lot of you are doing, 35 million americans will be hitting the road this july fourth week, the roads will still be jammed, live camera here showing highway interchange 76-676 in philly where you can see it's already busy but it's still moving. this is i-35 in dallas where the mass exodus as you can see is just now beginning. kevin tibbles outside of chicago with a preview of what
for an attack on a u.s. aid agency. at least four people were killed in that. >>> as we talked about this morning, we have the story covered like no one else. first, let's start with barbara. it's interesting to take a look at general petraeus as he heads to afghanistan. he was in charge of centcom it was under his view before. >> it was but laser focus it will be his sole job and arriving later today and, as you say, he comes at a point after stopping at nato where he is about to fly into skyrocketing violence in that country. in the latest, some of othe latest developments in eastern afghanistan now, the commander there has put new restrictions on troops being able to travel in humvees. that's how bad the violence is. these umvies, of course, we have seen for years in the battlefields of iraq and afghanistan now considered too dangerous because of the skyrocketing roadside bombs. so, now, if soldiers need to go in a humvee, it will require special permission. how bad is the violence that petraeus is flying into? let's look at a couple of key statistics here. we know june just last
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